9 Days of  Free Classes & Lectures

Spiritualist Mediums & Psychics. Healers & Body workers.

White Dove Metaphysical Bookstore.

Come for the day or spend the week… affordable on-site accommodations available.

June 1st- June 9th

Printable Version of the 2019 Camp Book

Sunset Spiritualist Church is located in the farming community of Wells, KS. It was established in 1871. The Church is made of Kansas native stone and has rustic cabins surrounding it. A bathhouse, bookstore, office and snack bar were added as the Church and Camp grew. For over 80 years the Camp has offered a place for people to gather together and share. We invite you to come and join our circle of friends, sharing in spiritual growth, fellowship, relaxation and learning. There are a few guidelines concerning children, pets, tobacco and alcohol when visiting our Church and Camp, please click here to review our policies.

If you have any questions or would like to make appointments or reservations before June 9th, contact Linda Anderson, 620-727-4329, or by email llundberg300@gmail.com. Call the Church directly for appointments or other information June 1st– 9th, 785-488-3929


Occasionally our schedule changes at the last minute. We appreciate your understanding.

Check in at the Camp Office if you wish to confirm an event.


Saturday, June 1

  9 am   Camp Opening Ceremony

10 am   Class:  Flame Reading—Spirit’s Power To Send You A Message- Rev. Charles Cox

  2 pm  Class: Our Frequencies- Sherry Scheffer

  7 pm   Drumming Circle with the Wichita Singers

8:15 pm   Circle- Rev. Charles Cox

Sunday, June 2

10 am Healing / Meditation- Rev. Charles Cox

11 am Church- Rev. Charles Cox

  2 pm Class:  Let Us Pray! – Rev. Jim Jagger

  7 pm   “Raise the Roof” – hymns by request- Three Sisters Chris Lichtenfelt, Karen Minnis, Liz Benusis

8:15 pm   Circle      Isabella Johnson

Monday, June 3

  9 am Morning Meditation / Spirit Messages

10 am Class:  Turn Your Luck Around- Venu Carney

  2 pm Class:  Learning to Scry: Divining Like the Ancients- Jen Halley

  7 pm Evening Service- Pris Yotter

 8:15 pm  Circle- Leslie Draper

Tuesday, June 4

   9 am   Morning Meditation / Spirit Messages

 10 am   Class:  Chakras- Sandra Williams

    2 pm  Class:  Healing From Within- Leslie Draper

    7 pm  Evening Service- Jen Halley

 8:15 pm   Circle- Rev. Charles Cox

Wednesday, June 5

  9 am   Morning Meditation / Spirit Messages

10 am   Class:  Utilizing Cognition & Spirituality in Decision Making- Pris Yotter

  2 pm   Class: African Bantu Philosophy As Early Spiritualism- Doug Williams

  7 pm   Evening Service- Rev. Dr. Allen Fitzner

 8:15 pm  Circle- Isabella Johnson

Thursday, June 6

  9 am Morning Meditation / Spirit Messages

10 am Class:  Living Joyfully by Making Peace with Dying- Rev. Pat Yotter

  2 pm Class:  Swedenborg: Splendors of the Spirit- Mark Newbold

  7 pm Evening Service- Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

 8:15 pm    Circle- Leslie Draper

Friday, June 7

  9 am Morning Meditation / Spirit Messages

10 am Class: Making Topical Pain Salve with Herbs- Adeline & Edith Ramirez

  2 pm Class: Intro to the Runes- Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

  7 pm Evening Service- Rev. Jim Jagger

 8:15 pm   Circle- Rev. Charles Cox

Saturday, June 8

Mini-Reading Fair: 9 am—Noon & 1 pm—5 pm Sunset Church Sanctuary 

Many Camp Workers + others available for 10 minute sessions

  7 pm Evening Service- Doug & Sandra Williams

 8:15 pm    Circle- Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

Sunday, June 9

10 am Holy Harmony Healing- Crystal Schulz

11 am Church- Rev. Pat Yotter

  1 pm Camp Closing Ceremony