103 Hanes, Wells, Kansas 67467


AUGUST 2019                 


Board Members:

President – Karen Lyons 620-663-2988,;
Vice-President – Crystal Schulz,;
Secretary – Linda Lundberg , 620-727-4329;
Treasurer – Ron Glasgow.
Trustees: Leslie Hargis, Sherry Scheffer, Jan King, Jess Edwards, Kate Orr.




Due to Labor Day weekend, the September Board meeting, service, and potluck will be held on the second Sunday, September 8

First Sunday of the month:  10:00 a.m. Board meeting

11:00 class or healing service

12:00 potluck

The rest of the month, 10:00 a.m. class, 11:00 a.m. church


The special fundraiser weekend event featuring Leslie Draper was a wonderful success! Thanks to all who attended, for your generosity, and for being true Light Workers! Thank you also to those who could not attend but sent monetary gifts for Leslie. We were all blessed by her presence and presentation, and she is most grateful for the financial support we were able to give her.


September 14, 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

“God, You, and Me” seminar presented by Rev. Pat Yotter

Rev. Yotter is an outstanding teacher who makes us laugh, cry, and take home much to ponder whenever she speaks. The weekend will be presented on a free-will donation basis. Please contact Linda 620-727-4329 (phone or text message)or to register and/or reserve a cabin. We hope you’ll join us!


President Karen Lyons and Secretary Linda Lundberg are now permanent residents of Wells. Their email addresses have changed and are now: ; .

Prayer Requests

All prayer requests are shared with the congregation each Sunday morning at Sunset Church. When requested, they are forwarded via e-mail as well. If you have a prayer concern, please call any Board member or e-mail 

If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online, contact Linda 620-727-4329, or . If you have e-mail but are still getting the hard copy in the mail and would be willing to be taken off of the snail mail list, please let Linda know about this also.


by President Karen Lyons

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will convene on September 8.  This meeting has been moved to the second Sunday of September to accommodate those who have have plans with family and friends.                    

What a wonderful weekend spent with Leslie Draper!  Leslie, thank you for coming and giving us such a good class and time of fellowship.  I have heard nothing but good reviews from attendees and I had a good time.           

The Board of Trustees will host a workshop on September 14th.  “God, You, and Me” will be presented by Rev. Pat Yotter. Rev. Yotter is a shy quiet, retiring individual.  It is sometimes easy to forget that she is around. Who cleaned the cabins? Who cleaned the Bathhouse? Oh. Yeah. Rev. Yotter did.  While we were still sleeping. Who helped Linda in the kitchen while the rest of us were in class? Rev. Yotter has a spirit of service.  Many of the ways Rev. Yotter has found to serve aren’t obvious and aren’t witnessed. Rev. Yotter likes it that way. Rev. Yotter does not seek the praise of man.  There is much we can learn from Rev. Yotter. September 14th is an opportunity to do that. I am looking forward to our date with Rev. Yotter and am looking forward to seeing you there.  The workshop, cabin, if you would like to stay over, and meals will be made available in exchange for a free will donation. The price is right. Call, text, or email Linda to ensure we have cabins and enough food prepared. 

Since I was old enough to stay awake in church and listen to the preacher, I have been told that we are living in dangerous times.  Yes, even the end of days. At times the message was frightening. That was my first clue that these men did not know what I knew. There is no fear in trust.  When my Daddy said, jump, I’ll catch you, I jumped without hesitation. We have not been called to live lives in fear and darkness, but rather lives of light and love.  I hear the news of products being recalled because they have defects that can cause serious injury or death, multiple people shot by a single gunman, genocide perpetrated by governments, wars, epidemics, toxic water supplies, on and on.  I don’t know what in the World is going on. I only know that I have been called for one purpose. I have one job. To love even as I am loved. I stand waiting to hear the voice, “jump, I’ll catch you”.