103 Hanes, Wells, Kansas 67467
MARCH 2021

Board Members: President – Karen Lyons 620-663-2988,; Vice-President – Cathey Fitzner; Secretary – Linda Lundberg , 620-727-4329; Treasurer – Crystal Schulz, . Trustees: Leslie Hargis, Sherry Scheffer, Jess Edwards, Jeffrey Harrington, Chris Lichtenfeldt.


First Sunday of the month: 10:00 a.m. Board meeting
11:00 class or healing service
12:00 (no potlucks until further notice)
The rest of the month, 10:00 a.m. class, 11:00 a.m. church

Prayer Requests
All prayer requests are shared with the congregation each Sunday morning at Sunset Church. When requested, they are forwarded via e-mail as well. If you have a prayer concern, please call any Board member or e-mail
If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online, contact Linda 620-727-4329, or . If you have e-mail but are still getting the hard copy in the mail and would be willing to be taken off of the snail mail list, please let Linda know about this also.

by President Karen Lyons

At the March meeting of the Board of Trustees, the difficult decision to cancel a June Camp was reached. This decision does not disappoint anyone more than me. While the CDC has begun relaxing some recommendations, non essential travel is not among them. The Board also took into account the financial toll unemployment has taken. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and has not ruled out workshops and special weekend events this summer as conditions permit. The Board took no action regarding a Camp season in the Fall. Meanwhile, work continues and improvements are being made in anticipation of your return.

As a church, we continue to prosper. Everything is different, but nothing has changed. Some decisions of the Board of Trustees are applauded and others condemned. The Board of Trustees remain in control of the administration of the Church. The decisions made by the Board are final unless they revisit an issue with new information. Board members continue to be dedicated to the overall welfare of the Church and they are the ones who give their time and resources to oversee the affairs of our organization and to carry out their decisions. I ask you to support the Board even though you may not agree with every decision.

As for me, my days remain carefree. I am watching Spring emerge. All is well in my world. You are a big part of my world.