103 Hanes, Wells, Kansas 67467

Board Members: President – Karen Lyons 620-663-2988,; Vice-President – Cathey Fitzner; Secretary – Linda Lundberg , 620-727-4329; Treasurer – Crystal Schulz, . Trustees: Leslie Hargis, Sherry Scheffer, Jess Edwards, Kate Orr, Jeffrey Harrington.


First Sunday of the month: 10:00 a.m. Board meeting

11:00 class or healing service

12:00 potluck

The rest of the month, 10:00 a.m. class, 11:00 a.m. church


2020 is proving to be an experience like no other! When we reluctantly canceled the June Camp it seemed it was out of an abundance of caution but when the Camp dates arrived it was obvious we had made the right decision. While it may seem premature to cancel an October Camp, now is when we have to be planning and working toward having guests here, and our campers need to be making their travel plans. So once again, out of an abundance of caution, the Board voted unanimously to regretfully cancel our October Camp. This is disappointing, but one positive note is that perhaps it will be cleansing and rejuvenating for the grounds to have a year of rest.


The first Sunday in August is Sunset Church annual membership meeting for election of Officers and Trustees for the coming year. Please let us know if you plan to attend! Depending on how many attend, the meeting will either be in the sanctuary or at the Wells Community Center to provide for adequate social distancing. Wearing a mask is highly recommended. Contact Linda 620-727-4329 or if you are able to attend.



We have completed the proposed revisions of the Bylaws of Sunset Church. Our Constitution requires that we inform all church members in writing before voting on this revision in October. Please send us your current postal address or email address at your earliest convenience so that you will receive this information.

Prayer Requests

All prayer requests are shared with the congregation each Sunday morning at Sunset Church. When requested, they are forwarded via e-mail as well. If you have a prayer concern, please call any Board member or e-mail

If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online, contact Linda 620-727-4329, or . If you have e-mail but are still getting the hard copy in the mail and would be willing to be taken off of the snail mail list, please let Linda know about this also.


by President Karen Lyons

August 2nd at 10:00 AM the annual meeting for the election of Officers and Trustees will convene. The Board has arranged an alternate meeting space at the Wells Community Center in the event attendance exceeds our ability to social distance in the sanctuary. We intend to ensure everyone’s safety at this event and encourage members to attend this important meeting. We will social distance and encourage those who can safely do so to wear a mask.

This year has been a challenge for the Board of Trustees. Some difficult decisions have been made. We as an organization don’t seem to be immune from the division that has gripped our country. I know that there are members who do not agree with some of these decisions. Let us focus on the things we do agree on. We are one. We are love. We are light. Our mission is to promote knowledge and understanding. The Board of Trustees remain dedicated to the principles and mission of our organization. None of the decisions of this Board have been made out of hand, but through prayer and Spirit guidance. As a Church, we will continue to be about the business of Spiritualism.

Having said that; The Board is aware of your prayers and healing energy spent on behalf of them and the Church. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we want to acknowledge and thank you for your continued financial support. Your support, spiritually and financially is appreciated beyond my ability to express gratitude. The financial condition of the Church is sound thanks to you.

We continue to maintain our beautiful property. If you are of a mind, come for a visit. Call ahead and we’ll leave a light on for you.