Breaking Dawn Newsletter
Winter 2024
103 Hanes, Wells, Kansas 67467

Board Members: President – Karen Lyons 620-663-2988,; Vice-President – Sherry
Scheffer; Secretary – Linda Lundberg , 620-727-4329; Treasurer – Crystal Shipman, . Trustees: Leslie Hargis, Chris Lichtenfelt, Deb Boesen, Johnny Russell, Bree Shy.

SUNDAY MORNING SCHEDULE First Sunday of the month: 10:00 a.m. Board meeting 11:00 class or healing
service, potluck lunch. The rest of the month, 10:00 a.m. class, 11:00 a.m. church.

Our 2023 Weekend Events were a success!! Thank you thank you thank you to those who served, and
to those who attended!

At our Healing Event on August 12, Seven individuals offered their healing modalities and conducted 70
sessions that day! We are truly blessed to have such skilled and caring friends of Sunset Church who willingly
give of their time and talents to help others in need.

Six individuals gave one-hour presentations at our Spirit Talks event on September 9. Again, how
fortunate we are to have those among us who are knowledgeable, allowing us to reap the benefits of their
lifetimes of studies.

Rev. Charles Cox’s Journeys of the Soul class on October 21 was everything we hoped for and more!
Well attended, well received, delightful in every way, our beloved Charles delivers every time!


Be advised, during the Winter months we always err on the side of caution. Frigid temperatures, snow, and
wind are factors that make traveling to Wells sometimes hazardous. If the weather is questionable at all,
please check with us before venturing up this way. We’ll send email notice when we cancel services to those
who get our Newsletter electronically.


The first Saturday night every month we’ll have a Development Circle at 7pm, followed by Sunday Board
Meeting, Church, and Potluck. Please contact Linda 620-727-4329 (call or text), or if you plan to attend so we know how many are coming and which area we need to turn on the heat for!

PSYCHIC ARCADE, APRIL 27, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
A day of fun and learning with our beloved Shiitake Mama! More details will be forthcoming, but mark your
calendars now to attend our first weekend event of the year.

We’re making plans and want you to, too! You’re invited to submit your ideas for a theme and artwork for our
Camp Book and shirts.

Put this date on your calendars now and watch for details to come!

Prayer Requests
All prayer requests are shared with the congregation each Sunday morning at Sunset Church. When
requested, they are forwarded via e-mail as well. If you have a prayer concern, please call any Board member
or e-mail If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online and are
willing to be taken off the snail mail list, please sign up on our website .

KEEPING UP WITH THE BOARD by President Karen Lyons
The Board will meet Feb. 4th. After the meeting we will have a service followed by potluck lunch in the dining
room. All are welcome to attend the Board meetings. I am looking forward to seeing you there.
There are currently two projects the Board is working on. We are working with a company from Salina to get
reliable internet access in the church building. Access in the building has been a challenge all along. We have
tried a number of things, but have been unsuccessful. We are still trying. Access will enable our ministers to
provide service remotely as well as broadcast from the church. I have been told anything is possible if you
throw enough money at it. This is a project that will be funded by our upcoming workshops.

The second project we are funding is an update to our electrical system. We have discovered an issue with
our service line. The pole that is owned by the Church is in danger of collapse. To remedy this issue, we can
replace the pole, or bury the lines and never face this issue again. The Board has opted to bury the remainder
of our lines. Several years ago all but these remaining three lines were buried. This project will complete the
job. It is costly, but will last and ensure trouble free service. The only overhead lines belong to Evergy and will
be their responsibility.

The Board is busy planning Camp 2024. Invitations will soon be going out to Workers. Now is the time to
contact the Board if there is a class topic you would like covered, something you would like to learn more
about. If you would like to teach a class, or request a specific presenter, contact the Board soon. Once the
process starts, the schedule fills up quickly.

The first event of 2024 will be here before you know it. The proceeds will be used to fund one of our projects.
Shiitake Mama has a fun time in store for us and I can’t think of a better way to start the year than a fun
weekend spent with you.

This is my least favorite time of the year. In fact, I find myself becoming depressed if I allow myself to focus on
things over which I have no control. I have to remind myself to stay in my lane. When I reflect on the
blessings I enjoy and the people in my life whom I love, I am amazed. Where did you all come from? I have
not yet attained the ability to fully realize the extent of the meaning of the message of Jesus: The Kingdon of
Heaven has come. It is in your heart. Minute by minute and day by day, I come to a better understanding.
You are a part of my Kingdon of Heaven because you reside with me always, in my heart. No matter what is
going on with others or in the world, all is well in the Kingdom of Heaven.