Founded in 1881, Historic Sunset Spiritualist Church brings Spiritualism to Central Kansas.
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Church Documents
October 1, 2006

Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution & Bylaws PREAMBLE We, the members of the First Society of State Spiritualists, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation of the State of Kansas, decree the following to be the Constitution and Bylaws of the First Society of State Spiritualists, Inc., of the State of Kansas, otherwise known as Sunset Spiritualist Church, and that the doctrine […]

January 1, 2003

History of Sunset Spiritualist Church & Camp

HISTORY OF SUNSET SPIRITUALIST CHURCH WELLS, KANSAS We Celebrate The Holy Bible and its Teachings Spiritualism came first to Ottawa County, Kansas in 1873. A group of people came to Delphos, in 1876 and 1877 from a Wisconsin community (Appleton, Sherwood, Stockbridge, Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin) where Spiritualism seems to have flourished. The first meetings were […]

January 1, 2001

History of Spiritualism

A Brief History of Spiritualism BC Saul In the Bible, Saul consulted mediums and was condemned for it. (1 Samuel 28) 1st Century Jesus Christ The various Christian sects have been opposed to Spiritualism in varying degrees. Yet Jesus Christ is regarded by Spiritualists as a great master. He displayed many of the qualities and […]