Breaking DAWN 
February 2008 Newsletter

Sunset Spiritualist Church

103 Hanes St
Wells, Kansas 67467

Sunday Church Services

10 am Adult Class – Church Service 11 am

Healing Work or Private Counseling available after any Sunday Church Service by an attending Minister. 

Please call Linda Anderson for further information, to make any changes, or to add your name to schedule

Prayer Requests

All prayer requests are shared with the congregation on each Sunday morning at Sunset Church. The request is added to a prayer list and is remembered each week until the issue is resolved. Prayer requests received via e-mail are forwarded to the e-mail list as well

Please pray for one another, that we may all be lifted up.

If you have a prayer concern, please call any Board member or e-mail .

Thinking of Spring?

We’ve got plans in the works for several weekend workshops in March and April. Watch for details in next month’s Newsletter and anticipate with us the coming of Spring at Sunset Church! And until then, join us any Sunday (but still call ahead to any Board member this month if the weather is questionable…..).

CAMP 2008!

As the snow continues to fly outside, the Camp Committee and Board of Trustees have already begun planning for Camp, which will be held June 14 – 29, 2008. If you have an idea for a class that you would be interested in, or have knowledge that you would be willing to share in a one-hour or two-hour class setting, please contact the Camp Committee (Debbie Grosser, Linda Anderson, Rev. Evadne Tuxhorn). Thinking ahead to those warm June days makes the winter cold a little easier to contend with! 

Keeping Up With the Board – from President Karen Lyons

At the January Board meeting LeRoy Windhorst announced that his son, Phil would donate several sheets of sheetrock for the third new cabin.  When the meeting adjourned, the sun was shining so Ron Glasgow started making noise about getting started on “his” projects.  Don’t worry.  Ron finally agreed to wait until the ground dried a bit.  But I’m afraid it won’t be long until we will be begging you to come help finish a cabin, haul limbs, and anything else we can con you into.

The Board made the decision to clear and dedicate/rededicate the buildings on the Camp ground.  Almost every building has had extensive work done as well as the addition of three new cabins.  The Board hopes to finish the third cabin early this Spring and be ready for this special service on May 4th.  The Ministers will be in charge of the service.  Any of you Ministers who would like to participate in this important service may contact Revs Gloria Ochs, or Evadne Tuxhorn.  Please do.  It would be so nice to have all of our beloved Ministers involved in this service.

Sunday class at 10:00 a.m. continues to study “The Way of Mastery”.  If you have not been able to get to Church since we began our study, you can still join us on this study.  You will find the book available at  The class is now starting chapter four.   Come and join us when you can.

I pray for you and wish you well.  I miss you and hope to see you soon.    

Psychic Development Circle

Rev. Evadne Tuxhorn’s weekly Development Circle continues at her home in Lindsborg, Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Her Sunday Fellowship gathering will not be held in February since the annual Wells Soup Sunday is on the 3rd Sunday in February. 

Call Evadne for more information, including any weather related cancellations, and to hold your spot in the Circle. 785-826-1633.

If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online, contact Linda, 620-663-2988 (evenings), 620-727-4329 (cell), or