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Sunset Spiritualist Church
103 Hanes St
Wells, KS  67467

Adult classes every Sunday at 10 am

Church at 11 am  every Sunday

Potluck Dinner first Sunday each Month

November 2004     

Reaching Out In Fellowship

Join us on December 3rd we will be raising money for Willow Leenders-Weavers new C-Leg System (see story on page 3). Willow has been a member of Sunset Spiritualist Church for many years. Willow will be telling her story at class on Sunday. Kitty Greenwood will be available for readings Saturday from 1-5, Mary Brown and Debora Imhoff will be available for readings Sunday after church (suggested donation $40). Call Kitty at 785-488-3712 for any appointments. Join us for a Soup Supper on Saturday eve at 5 (free will offering). We will set up the Christmas tree and string the lights. We will sing Christmas Carols, have hot spiced cider and eat Karen and Rons carrot birthday cake, we intend to have a great time helping them celebrate their birthdays. Around 8 we will have a circle with several readers giving messages. All proceeds from Sat. events and Sunday’s offerings will be donated to “Willow’s Project”. Calendars will be available at the church at a cost of $12. Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to: UU Fellowship of Salina, 901 Beatrice, Salina, KS 67401. (Please write “Willow Project” in memo part of check)

Click on following link for Salina Journal article on the web.

Willow’s Story in Salina Journal

Note from Karen
It is that time of the year when the Board of Trustees is turning their attention to Camp 2005. The Board has appointed Patti Nicholson to Chair the Camp Committee. We would also like to include as many as possible in the planning of Camp and welcome any volunteers and ideas you may have. Please contact Patti 402-228-3558,; Kitty Greenwood 785-488-3712, or any Board member with your ideas or to let them know how you would like to help. As always you are also welcome to attend the next Board meeting on December 5th and bring your ideas with you. 

Jewelry Class

Daya’s jewelry class will be on Sat. December 4 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the church basement. Christmas earrings will be the theme. Anyone is welcome to join in. Bring your lunch. Any questions call Daya 620-442-1310 or email


Leo Whitley continues to heal and is doing well.   

Prayers for Diane Harris the sister of Sharon Eenhuis. She is undergoing chemo again.

Gerry Gottula was injured in an accident over the holiday weekend. His legs are hurt requiring 4-6 weeks in hospital and some surgery. Please send him your prayers.

From Bonnie Smith: Please keep my Arkansas friend, Marty Harris, in prayer today, too. She’s the outgoing one when they visit Sunset. She is burying her mother today–she made the transition Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday, her family had a beginning when her soldier grandson was married and today there is an ending on this plane when she celebrates the life of her remarkable mother who raised 3 kids as a single mother. She has had several years with her mother in a nursing home to prepare, but it is still hard for her to go through. She did tell me that when she was leaving the hospital Thursday after her mother went over, that as she cried, she felt a touch and knew she wasn’t alone, that her mom was comforting her. Aren’t we blessed to know that life doesn’t end, just changes the vessel. 

Normas second cataract surgery is Dec. 13th. She is doing well after her first and is grateful for all the healing energy coming her way. Keep it coming! 

Vicki Adams surgery was postponed until a week from Thursday due to a cold. Prayers to Vicki


The Board of Directors of Sunset Church and Camp are busy raising money for a proposed new building. Our goal is $50,000. Please consider sending your donation today for Sunset Camp Building Fund. Mail your donation to: Sunset Church, 103 Hanes, Wells, KS 67467

Thought For the Day

“I have always strenuously supported the right of every

man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine.
He who denies another this right makes a slave of himself to

his present opinion, because he
precludes himself the right of changing it.”

Thomas Paine, 1783

Norma Johnson Shares Her Experience at Denver Celebration Fair

In October 2004 it was my honor to work the Celebration Fair at the Denver Merchandise Mart Expo. Shanti Toll is the director of the fair. There were 175 vendors, readers, and healers. Everyone working or selling at this fair has had their references checked. I thank the three references that I gave for their support and the opportunity to be a part of this fair.

We set up on Thursday afternoon while everything went pretty smooth it was not without incident. The fair on Friday opened at 1:00 and I was assigned the time of 3:00 to present my lecture. It was on intent/intention. Right now I am working on next years lecture on “Intent the Next Chapter”.

This was a success for me particularly since I was new and had not built up a following as of yet. On Friday and Sunday there were 8 massages each day. On Saturday I did 22 massages. It was interesting that on Saturday over half of the clients were people that had pins and plates in their legs. This was interesting since there was nothing in my bio that indicated that I would be able to help. There was good feedback and was able to help them relax and put them to sleep. That is when I consider the massage a success. I now have a list of people to contact when I’m there again.

Some lectures that were given were Palmistry, Healing – Lessons from Cancer Patients, The Journey of the Soul, Beyond Reality, Beginner’s Guide to Tarot, How to Open Your Heart. This is just a sampling of what was offered.

I am so glad that there was encouragement from my friends for me to take this step.

“Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Christ did.”  1 John 2:6

Barbara Stewart Calls For Research Participants

I would like to start a research project in November 2004 called: The Heartland Metaphysical Research Project
I would like to open this study up to the members of Sunset Spiritualist Church and Camp. We will be needing about 50 members to complete the first leg of this project.

A committee of 3 facilitators will head the project they will compile information from small study groups to be presented to members of the project. Each small study group (3-5 people with one group chairman) will have one task or assignment to complete for a designated duration. They will report on their findings, and then move on to the next focus group topic. I would like to see this project operate from December 2004 – May 2005.

A LOT of experiences, information and personal knowledge can be gained via this educational methodology. I believe many people want to participate in groups, they just don’t know where or how to become involved. I propose we give them a valid project to participate in.

Here are some ideas for small focus study groups: Life after Death, Karma, Intuition, Channeling, Power of Prayer, Hands on Healing Techniques and Exercises, Spirituality vs. Religion, Spiritualism, and many others.

Participants need to be prepared to be active in the project for 6 months. Most of our contact will be via email to keep long distance costs down. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this project.

Barbara Stewart
622 Cedar Elmo Street
Hope, Kansas 67451 or
Phone: 785-949-2431.

Church Services

Nov. 21 – Ron Boden
Nov. 28 – Rev. Mary Brown
Dec. 5 – Rev. Gary Nicholson
Dec. 13 – Rev. Evadne Tuxhorn
Dec. 19 – Karen Lyons

“Dear friends, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

James 1:19