Breaking DAWN


Sunset Spiritualist Church
103 Hanes
Wells, Kansas 67467

Adult classes every Sunday at 10 am
Church at 11 am  every Sunday

Potluck Dinner first Sunday each Month

September 2006    

September Board Meeting

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the monthly potluck and Board meeting will take place on the second Sunday of the month, Sept. 10.

Please join us on Saturday, Sept. 9, as we begin preparations for the October events. There are always cleaning, general maintenance, and special projects to help with! Cabins are available on a first-come basis (there is no set fee to stay in the cabins – just put your love offering in the plate when it comes around on Sunday). Saturday evening we’ll rustle up some supper, or “go to town” to eat, then maybe have a Circle, or watch the stars – whatever the group decides to do. One thing is certain: We always have a wonderful time together! Come join us!!

The Cabins Are Coming!

Two new cabins have been ordered and will be in their places by the time you all arrive for the Sept. 1st Sunday activities! Finishing work on the insides as well as major electrical work will begin soon. Please contact project chairman Ron Glasgow, 785-825-5688, to volunteer your services for the interior finishing. Thanks to our devoted Board of Trustees for their diligence in preserving and improving our beloved Church facilities!

Newsletter Changes

Many thanks to Patti Nicholson for the years she has served our Church through publishing this Newsletter! Please be patient as I attempt to take on this duty! In an attempt to be ready for this job, Karen and I decided it was time to dump the old dial-up Internet and finally get DSL. Of course, the old computer was not DSL friendly, so we had to purchase a new one (a more difficult task than we imagined). All this to say we have had to change our e-mail addresses, at the precise time Newsletter information was to begin coming to me. We are, in fact, still trying to get the kinks worked out. If you have sent e-mail to me during most of August, I most likely did not receive it. Please accept my apologies!

PLEASE NOTE: Newsletter items should now be sent to (FYI: Karen’s new e-mail address is (

Thank you! Linda Anderson

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5: 16

From The Medicine Wheel Committee: Rev. Evadne Tuxhorn, Pat Stepanek, Mary Stewart

Prayer Stone Ceremony – Sat. 2:30 p.m September 30th. Bring stones to add to the new Medicine/Prayer Wheel and join us as we experience the powerful energy of this sacred spot. Saturday evening we’ll cook up some burgers (free will donation for the meal). Bring your drums if you’d like to participate in a drumming, and then enjoy an evening Circle. During the regular Sunday morning class time (10:00 a.m.) there will be a dedication of the artwork constructed during Camp as the 125th Anniversary monument. Church is at 11:00, followed by noon potluck and Sunset Church Annual Business meeting.

Officers For the Upcoming Year

President :  Karen Lyons
Vice President:   Larry Stepanek
Secretary:   Rev. Norma Johnson
Treasurer:   Javene Whitley
Debbie Grosser
Eugene Whitley
Leroy Windhorst
Leo Whitley
Patti Nicholson

Keeping Up With the Board – from President Karen Lyons

The new cabins will soon be delivered. The Board has been planning for the arrival of the cabins and making preparations. Of course, electrical service to the cabins is a must. If you have ever blown a fuse, or even looked up while staying in one of the existing cabins, you know our current service is inadequate. In fact, it is dangerous. Ron Glasgow spent a great deal of time exploring our options and brought a proposal to the Board. The Board decided it was in the best interest of the Church to replace the electrical service to all of the cabins while adding service to the new cabins. This will be a major project and will represent a huge improvement to the grounds. Ron, thank you for your foresight and service to the Church. I am proud of the Board of Trustees for their courage in providing for needed improvements to the grounds.

If you have not yet requested membership in Sunset Spiritualist Church, it is not too late. It is never too late, and membership is available to anyone who desires to be a part of this work. Simply express your desire to be a member and your belief in the Principals and mission of Sunset Church. 

Healing Work or Private Counseling available after any Sunday Church Service by an attending Minister.


Due to the aforementioned e-mail snafu, we have most likely missed notification of those in need of prayer. We do, however, keep an on-going list at Church which we remember in our healing service and prayers every Sunday. It is our constant prayer that loving energy be received by all who are in need. 

2nd Row, Sue, Maxine, Javene, Evadne, Charlotte & Henry, Judy, Vesna, Kristi, Marty, Russell, Roger, Linda, Teresa, Nancy, John & son, Peggy, Linda & Mike, Kathy, Pat, Nancy, Dianne, Phyllis, Douglas, Becky, Kelly, Travis, Betty Reeves

Send requests for prayer to Linda at 620-663-2988, 620-727-4329

If you have e-mail and are not getting the Newsletter online, contact Linda, 620-663-2988 (evenings), 620-727-4329 (cell), or

Saturday, October 7

Charles Cox Workshop!
Information for this event is below. If you have an outlet where you would like to distribute flyers to help promote this special workshop, please call Karen at 620-663-2988, or e-mail


Church Services

Aug. 27                  Linda Anderson
Sept. 3                      Joseph Evens
Sept. 10                     Bonnie Smith
Sept. 17               Rev. Gloria Ochs
Sept. 24         Rev. Norma Johnson
Oct. 1                           Karen Lyons
Oct. 8                  Rev. Charles Cox

Please call Norma for further information, to make any changes, or to add your name to schedule

Thinking Ahead – Camp 2007
From Debbie Grosser

We’ve been asking for your input regarding changing the dates we hold Camp, and perhaps you’re wondering why this is being considered. For a number of years now Camp has been held the first two weeks of June, but that hasn’t always been the case. In “the good old days” (prior to air conditioning!), Camp was held for the entire month of August! Some of our Church members have yearly conflicts (family reunions, etc.) during the first two weeks of June and are asking that we consider alternate dates. Following is a listing of the known area activities that we compete with each year. Please give it some thought and be prepared to vote on dates for Camp 2007 on October 1.

1) Same as it is now, June 2 – 17
(June 8-10 is the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, June 17 is Father’s Day)
2) June 9 – 24
(Same conflicts as option 1)
3) June 16 – July 1
(Father’s Day June 17)
4) June 23 – July 8
(July 4 Holiday)
5) June 30 – July 15
(Same conflict as option 4)
6) July 7 – 22
(No conflicts that we know of)

Since I am one of the people who would like to try a change for camp, I figured you all should hear my reasons. Actually, for next year, at least, I only think we should move it one week later June 9-24. This would do two things- first, it would move the Smoky Hill River Festival to the first weekend of camp instead of the middle weekend. That means I would only miss 2 days (even less if I come up on Sunday night) of camp instead of 3 ½ days in the middle. Second – Father’s Day would be the middle Sunday allowing those to attend the last Sunday who usually don’t due to Father’s Day. The weather would be the same because it would still be the middle of June. It will be such a slight change that most people probably won’t even notice the difference. Debbie Grosser

A “Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities” Saturday!


Sunset Spiritualist Church
103 Hanes, Wells, Kansas

ESP Testing                             Remote Viewing Exercises
Billet Reading                  Receiving Messages from Spirit
Psychometry                              Simple Hands-On Healing
Energy Transfers

Charles Cox has over 20 years of Spiritualist training. He was ordained in 1991 at Sunset Spiritualist Church in Wells, Kansas. Over the years Charles has counseled hundreds using his gifts of spirit awareness. Readings have ranged from finding one’s life purpose, to spiritual healing work, to communicating with departed loved ones. Charles is also a published author. His favorite subject matter is using spirituality in a practical way.

“The most asked question I get from people is ‘How did you get started doing this?’. Well, to borrow a phrase from Nike…. I just did it. And the quickest path to discovering (or fine-tuning) your psychic abilities is to
do the same…..just do it.”
Charles Cox

During the Workshop “A Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities Saturday”, Rev. Charles Cox will help you explore your abilities in a fun, interactive environment. If you want a workshop where you sit and listen for a few hours, then you’d better sit this one out!

A Free-Will offering will be taken for this Workshop. Lunch, dinner, and snacks will be provided for a fee of $12.00 for the day. Rustic cabins are available for overnight stay (one bed, $15.00 per night; two beds $25.00 per night). Please bring your own linens. RV hookups are also available ($10.00 per night).

Advance Workshop reservations are required to assist in meal planning. Please call Norma Johnson, 785-823-6118 or Linda Anderson, 620-663-2988, to register, reserve a cabin, or for further information.